KirkLee started with a love for cycling and the idea that we could build anything. With years of carbon research and an eye for detail, the first carbon bikes were born. The prototypes were finished in raw carbon to ease visual inspection of the material. As our faith and trust in the material grew, we subjected the bikes to higher and higher loads. Stairs, jumps, ledges, curbs, racing, gallons of sweat, and hours of sunlight were all thrown at the raw carbon frames.

After several years of all the abuse we could throw at them, we quit worrying. KirkLee frames #001 and #002 are still 100% intact and ridable. These days they spend their time reminiscing their glory years in the rafters above the shop floor. They are the bikes that started this company.

Today we are still the same guys with a love for cycling and the idea we can build anything. We’ve raised the bar to pre-preg carbon, custom lay-ups, proprietary tube shapes, standard and extra light tubes, carbon cable stops, and full custom geometry. We have created a company that can meet most any carbon need. At KirkLee we build each custom carbon bike one at a time to your specifications. So should you ever hear “carbon has no soul,” they are not talking about KirkLee.

KirkLee is committed to building you the finest bike possible… by hand.

Brad Cason